Roy Plomantes

Roy Plomantes

Co-Founder & CTO

Roy is the Chief Technology Officer and one of the founders of Nephila Web Technology Inc. He is a true advocate of Open Source Technology and has a strong foundation on building IT Infrastructure, all with the implementation using Open Source Technology. Some of the projects that he currently handles are, AMAOED or AMA Online Education, the first Online School in the Philippines accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, the system is an end-to-end solution which is composed of Content Management System (CMS), School Information System (SIS) which is fully online, Learning Management System (LMS) and Customer Relations Management (CRM). He also manage AMA University’s K to 12 Learning Management System which is composed of 30,000 concurrent users for AMA school’s K to 12 program nationwide. Another project that he handle is the implementation of the School Information System in Don Bosco Technical Institute – Makati.

Roy is a certified PHP Developer, a Linux and AWS or Amazon Web Services Administrator. He is a fan of Google, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds, whom he met at the LinuxCon in Chin San Zo Hotel in Japan last July 2016. He describes Linus as a calm, humble and approachable person as had a little chat with him.

His contribution to Nephila Web has provided great value to the company, it is shown on all the accomplishments of Nephila Web, from all the client profiles which can be seen on Nephila Web’s website

Years of experience on Moodle Systems Administration: 5 years

Skills: Linux Administration, AWS Administration, Linux Ubuntu, Laravel Framework, Php, AJAX, MySQL