Schools and other educational institutions need better information system for accessing, managing, monitoring and tracking their financial information. A real-time access and generation of information is needed for different levels of users such as the school administrator, cashiers, finance and accounting personnel, in order for them to gain deeper understanding and data analysis of costs, revenue and profitability.


The need for student's grading and recording, as well as monitoring their behaviour and attendance is also an essential part of the school's business operations, that it must produce accurate and precise outcome.  The School Information System would help them provide an important insights that could easily help them determine their edge and competitivenes among other schools. This would also help them maintain and achieve their goal in the society.


The information system must ensure security over data and network, logical algorithms must be properly applied when customizing the system based on users requirements, while implementing the proper business ethics in developing the information system. Strong audit reports and controls like audit trail, must be properly implemented in the system. An information system must also be scalable that it has the capability to open many terminals in the cashiering operations in the school canteen, bookstore, and finance offices,and that it can handle many concurrent users like cashiers as need arise, and can store voluminous amount of data and information. Most of the off-the-shelf software are not capable of these features, we apply agility for software development, as we do what the client dictates to meet their requirements.



Our School Information System is a comprehensive and yet a simplified Information System. It is not like other School Information Systems that may be very appealing on the outside but lacks essential features commonly required by the end-users, ofcourse we address the users experience and the intuitivenes of our system, but we never take for granted to develop the needs of the users especially the accounting, finance and cashiering, registrars, academic, parents and students.

We provide both off-the-shelf and bespoke systems. The diagram below shows the different modules of the system;


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