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Join us in the Philippines for #MootPH18

December 18, 2017


For the first time ever, a MoodleMoot will be hosted in the Philippines.

From the 26 – 27 April, Moodlers will meet in Manila to attend the confrere and learn more about how they can use Moodle to empower their educators. 

We speak to Sheryl Villaroman, MootPH18 Chair to find out more. 

Moodle HQ: Thank you Sheryl for spending time with us to share details about MoodleMoot Philippines 2018. We are excited as this is of course, the first ever Moot in the Philippines. 

Can you let us know the reasons for holding the first MoodleMoot Philippines? 

Sheryl: We are very excited as well. As we all know, MoodleMoot has been held in different places around the world for decades now, but it will be our first time here in the Philippines.

We’re holding this event to bring together the Moodle community of practitioners such as educators, school administrators, IT managers, HR managers, technology researchers and those who are new and interested in using Moodle. We expect everyone to share their thoughts and experiences, exchange research achievements and innovative development about Moodle Learning Management System (LMS).

Ambient Insight’s report entitled “The Asia Market for Self-paced e-Learning Products and Services: 2011-2016 Forecast and Analysis” cited the Philippines as one of the top 10 countries in the world in terms of growth in “e-learning” revenue. It is high time then to hold this event, to bring greater awareness and sustainability on the use of Moodle LMS especially to schools and organizations and make them see the solutions and innovations that this conference can bring to them.

Moodle HQ: Is there a specific theme for Moot Philippines in 2018? What would Nephila Web Technology Inc. together with the Moodle community in the region like to achieve at this Moot?

Sheryl: The theme for MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 is “Transformative Teaching Technologies”. Moodle LMS is a powerful transformational tool and aid for teachers to create constructivist experiences in the classroom where students are actively engaged in developing knowledge and skills, critical thinking, high-order and communication skills.

The design and development of Moodle is guided by a social constructionist pedagogy, facilitating hands-on experiences where students construct meaning through active learning. This paradigm is very timely for the learners of this millennial generation.

MootPh18 aims to:

  1. To bring together the Moodle community of practitioners and users such as educators, trainers, administrators, presenters, developers and partners to share their experiences, exchange research achievements and innovative developments on using Moodle LMS.
  2. To showcase the latest educational research and development regarding Moodle.
  3. To facilitate forum, collaboration, networking and professional development opportunities.

Basically what we are trying to achieve at MootPH18 is to gather all Moodlers in the Philippines and in the entire ASEAN region, to strengthen relationship among each others, collaborate, build network, share experiences and research achievements for sustainable development on the use of Moodle LMS.

Moodle HQ: How can Moodlers be involved in MoodleMoot Philippines 2018? 

Sheryl: We invite Moodlers and those who are interested about Moodle in the Philippines and the Southeast Asia region to join this momentous event by registering at

If you are a Moodle expert, we invite you to submit your presentation following the guidelines here: 

Sponsors, especially Moodle integrators and IT infrastructure providers, are welcome to join the event. Delegates from different organizations might find solutions from what you offer and most of all, you’ll get to network with them. #MootPH18 will be participated by different industry sectors such as education, government and non-government, healthcare and corporate.

Moodle HQ: What are some of the highlights for MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 that we can all get excited about?

Sheryl: I had a wonderful experience attending the MoodleMoot UK and Ireland last April 2017. What I found most worthwhile was meeting other Moodle partners from different parts of the world and people with the same interests and passion. And now, we are excited to bring the same experience here in the Philippines. There will be talks at the plenary, parallel sessions at the breakout rooms, panel discussions, Moodle research and development festival, developer’s jam sessions, social gatherings and the Moot party at night! We love having fun while learning!

Moodle HQ: Lastly, what is the best way to keep up to date with all the information and news about MoodleMoot Philippines 2018? 

Sheryl: We invite you to like and follow our Facebook page, to stay updated on the latest news about our event.

The full details, speakers, program, venue and more may be viewed on the website.

See you all at MoodleMoot Philippines on April 26-27, 2018 at the Manila Hotel! Thanks, everyone!







Moodle Welcomes Nephila Web Technology as a New Certified Moodle Partner for Philippines

September 15, 2016


Moodle strengthens its Partner network with the addition of a new Philippines-based Partner, Nephila Web Technology Inc.


PERTH, Western Australia — Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, today announces a new addition to their Moodle Partner network: Nephila Web Technology.  

As a Moodle Partner, Nephila Web Technology will provide certified Moodle services and financially support the development of Moodle core.

Nephila Web Technology provides IT solutions, e-learning services and the development of learning management systems (LMS) to schools, universities and corporate institutions.

Established in 2011, the company has already partnered with some of the biggest education providers in the Philippines.

Nephila Web Technology provides end-to-end Moodle solutions for clients. This includes assisting with all facets of setting up a Moodle site, integration, theme customisation and development – as well as providing training to Moodle users.

Sheryl Villaroman, President of Nephila Web Technology Inc., said “E-learning has been a major area of specialisation for Nephila Web since the company was founded 5 years ago.”

“This means a lot to our business and is also a vital contribution to the Philippines, which is one of the fastest growing economies in the Asia Pacific region. We look forward to Moodling with the world!”

“I’m very pleased to welcome Nephila Web and their obvious skills to the Moodle Partner group” said Moodle Founder and CEO, Martin Dougiamas.

“The prospect of helping more Moodlers in the Philippines education sector is extremely exciting.”

The Moodle Partner network continues to grow, with this partnership being the 6th in 5 months. The addition of Nephila Web Technology totals 86 certified partnerships based in 48 countries worldwide.

About Moodle

First released in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle has provided educators with powerful tools to manage and promote learning online, and has developed into a full-featured, flexible open source learning platform currently used in more than 230 countries with more than 70 million users worldwide. At the heart of the project is Moodle Pty Ltd who, supported by a global network of 86 certified Moodle Partnerships, continues to work with developers and educators worldwide to support a fast growing community of Moodle users.   For more information, visit

About Nephila Web Technology

Established in 2011, Nephila Web Technology has been offering IT solutions and e-learning assistance to schools and universities in the Philippines for over 5 years. Committed to the use of Open Source Technology (OST), the consultancy provides a range of Moodle services, including set-up, integration, training and development. For more information, visit

Source: Moodlenews 2016 Nephila web is the latest official moodle partner and first in the philippines





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