The ID Monitoring System is a software solution that is capable for monitoring, storing and generating attendance report of students and employees. It is being used by schools and companies particularly in the HR, Guidance, accounting and administration offices. The system has the following salient features that are beneficial for schools and companies;

• It uses RFID Technology which provides unique identification for monitoring attendance and managing electronically stored data. RFID cards cannot be duplicated. When lost, RFID card can be easily blocked through system controls, once blocked it cannot be used anymore.

• The RFID Card will serve as an entry pass for the students and employees to the school compound and cannot be used by another person as the picture displays on the monitor once the card is tapped on the RFID Card reader.

• It has dynamic inquiry features to inquire the attendance status of students and employees real-time. 

• It produces attendance report which includes daily time-in/ out of students and employees, total number of hours rendered in the school premises, date and time.

• The RFID technology or system can be evolved into an e-pay card that can be used in paying food from the canteen, school supplies and books inside the school premises. This encourages cashless system of transactions and operation in the canteen and bookstore, where all payments are directly accounted at the finance office by means of loading the e-pay and ID all in one card. Real-time sales reports for canteen and bookstore can be viewed by proper authority.

We offer you a great RFID solution that would be beneficial for your institution at a very competitive cost.

 ID Monitoring System is a software solution for schools and companies that is capable for monitoring, storing, and producing reports of students and employees daily time-in records. Depending on the client's desire for structure setup, the ID Monitoring System can be installed in a LAN based network or via internet.

Software Specifications: 

Platform - Windows or Linux
Application Development - Using Php, Ajax
Database - MySQL

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