Get A Moodle 3.10 Site Free For Up To 3 Months

Get A Moodle 3.10 Site Free For Up To 3 Months

We understand your organization is scrambling to ensure a proper completion of your School Year and Training program.

Committed you our mission of “Weaving innovations in education,” we are here to help.

Our Free Moodle offer includes:

  • 1 virtual CPU (vCPU) with 1GB RAM
  • 10GB of storage for files, courses, and activities.
  • The latest release of Moodle (3.10 as of today) installed, with full admin access for content and user management, installing plugins and themes and other customizations.
  • 10GB of monthly bandwidth (total downloads from users). After this limit you will be able to access your site at a reduced speed, or be able to upgrade to a paid plan to restore full speed bandwidth.
  • Free access to the contents of our Nephila Web Education “Moodle for Teachers” introductory course.

You can upgrade at any time.

Interested? Fill out the form below:

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