2022 Semi-annual Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Result

Background Last June 15, 2022, Nephila Web Technology Inc., a Moodle Certified Services Provider  in the Philippines, who just recently achieved the Premium Partnership for Philippine e-learning sector, conducted the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey for Hosting …

Join MoodleMoot Philippines online in July

From the 27th to the 29th of July, the Filipino Moodle community is getting together online in Southeast Asia’s largest gathering on open educational technology. Educators thriving amidst the pandemic, adapting to change and learning as …

Weaving Innovations in Education
Nephila Web Technology delivers e-learning solutions to customers throughout Asia and around the globe. With its name derived from a species of spider known for its extraordinarily strong webs, Nephila Web lives up to the comparison by providing long-term learning solutions built to support customers as their needs grow.

Join the Filipino Moodle community online for #MootPH21
MoodleMoot Philippines is an event dedicated to users, developers and administrators of our open source Moodle LMS. In 2021, it’s taking place online on April 26-30