2022 Semi-annual Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Result


Last June 15, 2022, Nephila Web Technology Inc., a Moodle Certified Services Provider  in the Philippines, who just recently achieved the Premium Partnership for Philippine e-learning sector, conducted the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey for Hosting and Support Services for its Moodle LMS clients. The survey form was sent to the participants from different sectors, in education, healthcare, government and non-government organizations. The participants profile for this survey consists of Educators, School Dean, IT Directors, Department Managers from Government Agencies, Learning and Development Managers, and their Technical Staff. This semi-annual survey was conducted for the above-mentioned services, the previous survey was released in January 2022 for the previous year’s survey.

The goal of this survey was to identify the current customer satisfaction in terms of Nephila Web’s support and hosting services. To gather feedback and learn the areas of improvement to develop better customer experience for our clients. The goal was clearly defined on the provided form.  The form consists of two parts, Part 1 are questions with regards to Nephila Web’s Hosting Services, and 2) Nephila Web’s LMS Support. Below is the detailed response from the survey;

Part 1: Nephila Web Hosting Services

Why or why not would you recommend this service?

  • I will definitely recommend it. Nephila Web gives excellent service to their clients.
  • Environment Friendly and easy to use and access
  • It makes the learning management systems experience more convenient.
  • Support is fast
  • I would indeed recommend this service by Nephila. Your timely response to queries was really superb. Job well done.
  • I will recommend this service because of their after-sales-support
  • I would recommend it because setting up the Moodle LMS is made easier and faster.
  • Nephila Web provides consistent and satisfactory customer service. The company is accountable.
  • I’ll recommend Nephila’s service because they are highly equipped and skilled people in Moodle.
  • Aside from the excellent products, the service of the Team has been exceptional making it easy for the journey of the users.
  • I would recommend Nephila Web because they show expertise on MOODLE.
  • Ease of hosting and managing short and long-term courses in-house trainings
  • Because they are very responsive and accommodating
  • Service is excellent and technical support is great!

Part 2 Nephila Web Support Services

Why or Why not would you recommend this service?

  • Superb and very timely response to queries.
  • I will recommend the Nephila Support service because they’re giving their best to execute an excellent service.
  • Ease of communication via email and chat
  • It is user friendly and navigation can be seamless
  • I will recommend this service for its efficiency
  • Their service ensures more than 99% uptime of our LMS
  • Consistent Customer Service
  • Recommend it because of good experience with the same.

We have also gathered feedback from the clients who participated in the survey. Below are their testimonials on Nephila Web’s services in general;

It is an easy to use web application and easy to access wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.”

Justine Podador
Software Analyst,
KCC/ New Brighton School of the Philippines, Inc.

“Migrating to Nephila’s Web Hosting services facilitates the transition from face to face to online training in a more convenient and practical way.”

Lory Jean L. Canillo
IT/ EdTech Manager, DOST-PAGASA

“Nephila was quick to respond to our needs during the pandemic, training was scheduled and issues were quickly resolved. They are the best!”

Teresita Panganiban, 
CEO, Friendly Care Foundation

“Nephila Web is a good partner especially on catering the LMS requirement of the University and has efficient after sales support.”

Dennis Gabon
Dean, Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA)

“Nephila Web Technology Inc. helps their clients to build a customized and efficient Moodle infrastructure that is suitable to their needs. With the expertise and professional personnel of Nephila, rest assured that your LMS will function very well.”

Jerwin Rodriguez
TESD Specialist II, TESDA

“Nephila has been a valued partner of the World Trade Center Metro Manila for the past 2 years and has continued to keep a steadfast relationship fostering learnings and programs that will enhance companies and individuals capacity to excel in their craft.  It is supported by a dependable Team that is always ready to answer queries and address concerns.”

Lila Cailles
Vice President-Marketing, World Trade Center

“Nephila Web’s expertise allowed eTESDA to do what we need to do without worrying about technology issues. They complement our TVET expertise with their superb technical support for the TESDA Online Program to provide 24/7 Technical Vocational Education and Training for Filipinos.”

Redilyn Agub
Division Chief, TESDA Online Program

“Nephila’s Team always responds to all inquiries promptly and with utmost professionalism.  Problems are resolved quickly and very satisfactorily.”

Aline Teresa Mendoza
SSTV / LMS Coordinator, PSHS – Main Campus

“Nephila Web paved the way for us to quickly and effectively set up our campus LMS. Their cloud hosting service was top-notch, as well as their bundled training for administrators and end users.”

Jose Kym S. Alvaro
Administrative Assistant V, University of the Philippines Baguio

Also, we provide multiple training programs to empower users in the Moodle LMS. The training participants consist of educators, course creators, trainors, and LMS Administrators from different schools and organizations. A training course survey is available on all of our online courses, all training participants are required to answer the survey questions before acquiring their certificates. In this course survey we got the data for the Moodle Training Satisfaction Score.

Score Descriptions can be classified as  found below:

Excellent95% – 100%
Very Satisfactory85% – 94%
Satisfactory80% – 84%
Needs Improvement75% – 79%
Poor74% and below

CSAT Score Summary

June 2022

ServicesNo. of ResponsesScore
Moodle Hosting Services1996.84%
Moodle Support Services (Includes Consultancy, Course Development, Technical Support and Diagnostic Services)1997.89%
Moodle Trainings (Compiled from the participants final course survey ratings in total. There are a total of 16 course completers from February 2022 to June 27 2022 for our H5P, Moodle Training for Teachers and Moodle Training for Administrators Courses)1693.30%

From the CSAT result conducted last January 2022 compared to the recently conducted CSAT in the month of June 2022, we are proud and happy to announce that there is a a remarkable increase on scores on our services based from the feedback of our clients. The CSAT result speaks for itself that this significant increase means an outstanding improvement in providing our support and services. The Moodle Hosting Services has increased to 3.94%, Moodle Support has increased to 4.99% while the Moodle Training has increased to 3.8%. Below in the summary of the comparison between the first and second release of CSAT;

We, at Nephila Web, are genuinely happy to hear all of our client’s suggestions, feedback, and honest thoughts about the services we provide. This will surely help us deliver a better and improved customer experience.