2021 Moodle Award Winner – Moodle App (BMA) Certified Service Provider of the Year

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest archipelago nations. The lands are divided into different islands separated by water, which is why internet infrastructure is not good in the country. 

The Moodle mobile app really helped a lot in providing access to education; even schools and students in the far-flung area can access their lessons thru the mobile app.  Even offline or with no internet connection, students are not deprived of access to education. 

With Moodle Mobile App, students can:

  • Access their courses offline anytime or anywhere
  • Send and view private messages with your other learners
  • It’s FREE. You can use Moodle Mobile app for free as it is an Open Source Software; anyone can use Moodle Mobile App and use it. 

In the Year 2021, Nephila Web clients were able to enjoy the Moodle Premium app because once you are hosted by a Moodle Certified Partner like Nephila Web, the Premium app will be FREE.

You will get to enjoy all the Premium app features like:

  • Unlimited offline Access to content
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • In-app messaging
  • Calendar
  • Gradebook 
  • Access to course content and activities
  • Basic branding

One of the greatest gifts that the organization received last year was the Moodle App (BMA) of the Year Award! 

We are humbled and honored to receive this special award from the Moodle HQ Team. Nephila Web is one of the ten (10) Moodle Partner Awardees out of 100 Moodle Partners worldwide!

We wholeheartedly appreciate the Moodle HQ Team for giving this award. Words can not express how honored we are, but this will help us do better and strive more in the future

Aside from the Moodle Premium App, Moodle also has a Branded Moodle App that allows you to explore and improve your experience using Moodle.

With Branded Moodle App, you can access all the premium features like:

  • Your OWN app in Google Play and Apple store 
  • Full app branding (logo, colors) 
  • Unlimited offline access to content
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Access to course content and activities
  • In-app messaging
  • Gradebook
  • Customize Main Menu and Disabled Features
  • Analytics

If you are interested or have any questions in Premium Moodle App or Branded Moodle App, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. And we will be happy to assist you further.