NEPHILA WEBINAR SERIES PRESENTS: Remote STEM Assessment with Wiris Tools

Turn your Moodle environment into an interactive STEM learning powerhouse!

Wiris provides next-generation tools that amplify the way you teach STEM subjects. Draw or hand-write equations and see them turned into beautiful expressions. Create random variable questions in the Moodle Quiz and see Wiris take care of grading and assessment. These and other features will make your teaching smoother, your time more productive and your lesson much more delightful!

With the Wiris plugin set for Moodle, you can enhance Moodle’s own modules with math and science functionalities. Use Wiris to enhance question types including:

  • True/False
  • Multiple choice}
  • Matching
  • Short-answer
  • Essay
  • Embedded answers (Cloze).

As a result, your students will experience sophisticated math questions with minimal effort on your part.

Join Ms. Tuğçe Sevgi Ertekin, Wiris Channel Manager, this July 7, 2021, at 3:00 PM PHT as she will share more about these tools and how they can empower you on your digital learning journey. 

Watch LIVE via Facebook and Youtube. Remember to enable notifications so you don’t miss a second!


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