NEPHILA WEBINAR SERIES PRESENTS: How To Do Exams Remotely And Securely? Meet Examus, The Ai-based Proctoring Solution For Education During Pandemic And In The New Normal

Examus’ advanced AI proctoring solution disincentivizes students from any tendency towards cheating or academic misconduct, by providing real-time face detection and a set of monitoring solutions for proctors during and after high-stakes examinations.

With the Examus plugin for Moodle, concerns about the academic integrity of your exams and learning experience as a whole is a thing of the past. Access a comprehensive and highly responsive dashboard about your students performance and behavior during examinations, in a fully secure environment designed to present evidence before any final judgement!

Join Ms. Elena Essiak, International Sales from Examus, as she discusses the essential elements you need to keep in mind about AI Proctoring and elearning integrity. 

Catch her Webinar session this June 30, 2021 at 11:00 AM PHT LIVE via Facebook and Youtube