Our Expert Moodle & H5P Training Courses are open! Upgrade your Digital Skills and Transform your Classroom in 2021

Moodle & H5P Training by Nephila Web

Our first batch of expert training, internationally certified by Moodle, is here. Join our fully online training offerings!

Our comprehensive training is always updated and we’ll make sure that you’ll get an overview of Moodle 3.10. This training is highly recommended by our users in which you’ll get to experience creating your own Moodle LMS. 

Don’t miss this chance of attending our world-class Moodle and H5P Training. Our Moodle Training for Teachers is now accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission

We provide several payment gateways and offer bulk discounts. Contact us now, and we will be glad to assist you.

MOODLE AND H5P TRAINING: Upcoming dates and fees

  • Moodle Training for Teachers
    Starts March 03, 2021
    Our Moodle Training for Teachers is now accredited by the Professional Regulation Commission
    This 40-hour workshop is intended for Educators, Module developers, LMS Managers, and Administrators to be fully equipped with knowledge and skills to produce and create in the course in Moodle.
    ₱6,000 | $110 USD
  • Moodle Training for Administrators
    Starts February 26, 2021
    This training is for LMS Site Administrators
    The administration and management of the LMS Site level define as administering and managing the LMS site which includes management of users, courses, and roles, adding and modifying configurations installation of plugins, and improving and securing the LMS site.
    ₱25,000 | $455 USD
  • Moodle Educator Certification —MEC—
    Starts March 03, 2021
    This 30-hour workshop for MEC or Moodle Educator Certification and is based on the European Framework for Digital Competencies for Educators (DigCompEdu.)
    ₱20,000 | $400 USD
  • H5P Training
    Starts February 26, 2021
    The H5P Interactive Content Training is designed for educators, course creators, multimedia developers, LMS Administrators, and those who will be developing course content for their Learning Management System (LMS) Or their own site.
    ₱5,000 | $100 USD