Moodle LMS In Human Resource Operations: A Personal Experience

May Alvarez Nephila Web Technology

I am May , I am a CPA by profession and  work as an HR and Accounting Manager for Nephila Web. I’m also a part-time faculty in the College of Business of Dr. Carlos Lanting College. 

Working in a technology company has its perks! I got to use technology in my line of  work, specifically, Learning Management System. So What is a Learning Management System?  According to Wikipedia, an LMS is a  software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. In short it is a software use for learning!

So how do I use it in HR? I use it for onboarding employees.

  1. Initial Interview. I have a set of HR questionnaires loaded in the LMS. I just send the link to the applicant for them to answer and when they have the required set of skills and qualities the  company needed, I invite them for a face to face interview and an examination. This saves time to both applicant and interviewer.
  2. Aptitude Test. Like the initial interview, this is only a one time set-up. Grades on the aptitude test were automatically generated upon finishing the test eliminating the burden of printing questionnaires and checking them. Data is not only available to the HR but also to the department where the applicant will be assigned and to the applicant themselves.

LMS is primarily used in the corporate sector for training and continuous development. This is beneficial to employees as they do not have to leave their work station and study on their own pace. It is a great cost saving technique to the company as this would lessen transportation, meals and hotel accommodation expenses if training were made on-site. This requires careful planning and coordination with every department of the company and this would be our next project.

I hope that this blog gives ideas to  HR practitioners on how technology can help save time and resources in the work place. On my next blog  I will share how I use Moodle LMS in Teaching Accounting Subjects. It is a great tool for teacher and the students loves it.

Nephila Web is a Certified Service Provider of Moodle Learning Management System. Moodle is the world’s most popular open-source Learning Management System. Open-source meaning you can download it and use it for free! That is , provided you have the skills to set it up and use it. That is where Nephila comes in. Nephila provides training  and helps in the implementation of your Moodle LMS. 

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