How NeXSIS by Nephila Web Ensures Fast and Worry-Free Online Payments – Free Webinar Recap

How NeXSIS by Nephila Web Ensures Fast and Worry-Free Online Payments – Free Webinar Recap

The COVID-19 pandemic has given hurdles to a lot of families, communities and organizations. In order to preserve the health of our people and minimize the economic impact, all kinds of organizations are looking at how to make the most of virtual solutions for continuity or even growth during struggling times. And educational institutions, from schools to colleges and universities, are no exception.

Did you know elearning has been one of the fastest growing segments during the pandemic? With the right technical support, your institution can realign their offerings and continue to provide important services to the community.

Speed, safety, reassurance: The value of online payments

Online payment services were thought to be a convenience. Now, they are essential to keep business running. Integrations like those provided by Nephila Web make it easier to automate processes such as enrollments, grading, reporting and so on. A webinar held by our IT team member Jeff focused on the online payments solution developed by Nephila Web.

Online payment allows you to make purchases or pay bills from your computer or mobile device. Merchants can collect payments on their own apps or website, which opens new opportunities, such as e-commerce or online stores. Without the need for cash, both parts can enjoy a more convenient experience that minimizes transaction costs, automates repetitive tasks and provides transaction records and valuable data.

What are the key features of a great online payment gateway?

While our webinar focused on the Dragonpay solution as an illustration, NeXSIS online payment gateway enables any major online payment provider in the Philippines.

There are 6 key features in online payment solutions. It is important to be aware and evaluate the quality of each one to make sure you have made a sensible choice.


NexSIS computes the charges based on the student’s selected items or subjects. It can set academic restrictions such as only allowing to purchase a course if a previous prerequisite has been completed. It can also compute additional features, discounts and so on.

Payment channels

Multi-payment channels are the current standard in online payment gateways. This gives a more convenient experience for the user, as it gives them several choices.

We can group the different payment channels your gateway can manage in the following way:

  1. Online Banking
    ex. BPI ExpressOnline, BDO Internet Banking
  2. Over the Counter – Bank
    BPI Bills Payment, Metrobank Cash Payment
  3. Over the Counter – Non-Bank
    LBC, Bayad Center, Cebuana Bills Payment
  4. E-wallet
    GCASH, GrabPay, Bitcoin

Secured transactions

Multiple encryption protocols must be applied to the system as well as during the transaction, to ensure complete protection and guarantee peace of mind. The online payment gateways must always implement security layers such as SSL, where the data is encrypted on the browser or application so only the recipient’s server can use it.

But SSL is one of the several security features you can apply to your gateway. Some of them are widely used and become a standard, while others are enforced in cases of highly sensitive transactions.

One example is whitelisting, which recognizes if the location or IP address of the client interested to initiate a transaction has been responsible for suspicious actions in the past, and then refuse to proceed with the transaction out of caution.


Fast transactions are an important element of a user-friendly system. Nowadays payment gateways are expected to process payments in real time. This involves verifying identity, accessing balances, proceeding with transfers of funds and sending receipts and notifications; all in a matter of seconds.

There are still some cases where payment channels do not use real time processing, which is out of the control of the payment gateway. Processing time in these cases can take longer than expected: It is common for some institutions to process payments at Closure Of Business time.

Friendly user interface

In the eyes of the users, this is perhaps the part they care they most about. The want an interface that looks modern, is intuitive and accessible on multiple devices.

As IT professionals, it is our job to cater to the customer needs, these is why we take advantage of modern Front End frameworks for NeXSIS online payment gateway as well as the rest of the modules. Of course, it is also our duty to ensure the system is robust, even in the areas of the application the user is not as acquainted.


Lastly is the customizable reports feature, where we can create on-demand and scheduled reports using data available on the database.

If you missed out or If you want to watch the webinar about NeXSIS online payment, here’s the link of the recorded session during the talk.