Changes on the Free Moodle App, and a special Branded Mobile App (BMA) offering by Nephila Web

If you use the free Moodle app on your mobile device, please take note.

Starting in April, the free Moodle app will limit key features for its users. To remove these limitations, Moodle is offering the new Pro and Premium Moodle plans. Here are just some of the basic differences:

  • Free app: Access Course contents and Activities, Messaging, Calendar and Gradebook. Download up to 2 courses for offline access, 50 devices with push notifications
  • “Pro” app: Everything in the free version, plus multimedia push notifications. Download up to 4 courses for offline access, 500 devices with push notifications.
  • “Premium” app: Everything in the “Pro” version plus custom branding (CSS). Unlimited offline course downloads, unlimited devices with push notifications.

You can learn more details about the differences, pricing and more at

In order to ease the transition and help ensure a flawless mobile experience, at Nephila Web we are offering two special deals for existing and new customers:

  • If you host your Moodle site with us on our AWS cloud, you will get the “Premium” app at no additional cost ($499 USD per year value)
  • 25% off the Branded Mobile App, which offers a customized app with your own colors and branding, analytics and 1 year of updates and support ($1,000 USD value)

Moodle HQ and Nephila Web remain committed to the promotion of Free and Open Source Software. Access and equity are part of our foundational values.