Join our fully online Moodle and H5P training for teachers, advanced users and administrators


Our trainings make sure you get a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of Moodle 3.8, but are highly practical and designed for users to create their own Moodle experiences. With each training, users will have access to our own Moodle LMS, and will receive a certificate accredited by Moodle HQ.

By joining our Nephila Web Education Moodle platform, you will be able to:

  • Access course contents at any time and place
  • Take video and H5P interactive lessons designed in bite-sized chunks
  • Stop and resume your learning at any time
  • Get quick access to support forums and instant messaging with our expert trainers
  • Engage with fellow students, exchange ideas and explore networking opportunities
  • Get a certificate and a badge to display on your site of social media profile
  • Complete a “Design Challenge”: A complete Moodle course which you will be able to export to your own Moodle site

If you are interested in a personalized or on-premise program please contact us and request for a custom proposal.

Moodle Training for Teachers

  • Topics include: Find your way around Moodle, Course creation, Key resources and activities, Assessments and Gradebook
  • Price per person: ₱6,000
  • Minimum number of attendees confirmed to start: 10

Moodle Training for Advanced users

  • Previous training or deep familiarity with Moodle is recommended for attendees of this course
  • Topics include: Setting up effective and dynamic courses in Moodle, Discussion on strategies and best-of-breed elearning techniques, Advanced tools and activities for Course Creation and Management
  • Price per person: ₱6,600
  • Minimum number of attendees confirmed to start: 5

Moodle Training for Administrators

  • Designed for IT professionals in charge of technical support, customization and management of institutional Moodle sites
  • Topics include: LAMP Servers, Virtual environments, Server optimization, Customizing Moodle themes, Managing roles and permissions
  • Price per person: ₱25,000
  • Minimum number of attendees confirmed to start: 3

H5P Training

  • Recommended for teachers and instructional designers. Familiarity with Moodle is encouraged but not required
  • Topics include: Introduction of H5P, Content Types and Applications, Getting started, Interactive Presentations, Interactive Video
  • Price per person: ₱5,000
  • Minimum number of attendees confirmed to start: 5

Our online courses will run between May 4 and June 4, 2020. You may enroll at any time. From our experience, we recommend you allot for sessions no longer than 7 days apart, and totaling 3 hours per week.

Sign up now! Create a new account, or if you have been a part of Nephila Web online courses before, please log in at You may also use the Moodle App to access the courses on-the-go.