What is it like to work at Nephila Web?

By Jeff, IT Team

In my 2 years of working in Nephila Web Technology, I got to learn a lot of things. Not only as a programmer, but also as a person. It made me realize how the single word “programming” can change someone’s life, just like how it changed mine.

Programming is not only limited to writing code and knowing all the tools that they teach you about during college. It can be really exciting and thrilling, but also very challenging. That is why you have to put your heart heart in it. You can look at your program like building a structure. Think of everything you need to make it happen, from the foundation to the finishing touches and decoration. As easy as it may sound, it really is not. There are lots of details, big and small, that you have to keep in mind. Meaning, there could be errors. A lot of them actually. You need time, patience, determination, hard work, passion and love, to create something that is really meaningful and helpful for someone.

Passion is the key to your customer’s trust

There could be small errors and there could be big, costly errors. Customers prefer things to be right, but they will understand if they can see where you are coming from. If you do what you love, you will care about finding solutions to your customer’s problems. In technology, mistakes are part of our lives, in fact they are essential if we are trying to create new things. The key is embracing every imperfection, and try to turn them into something closer to perfection every day. Of course, it is ideal that your work environment encourages experimentation, and yes, failure. But also makes you learn from it.

And this is how you gain your customer’s trust.

How we are building the best School Information System (SIS) ever

Jeff in 2016

Let me introduce you to one of the projects I am currently working on. At Nephila Web, we are building NeXSIS, our School Information System. I believe NeXSIS will lead schools and universities into the future.

Technology has truly advanced in the last few years, but not all institutions are ready to embrace change. To some extent it makes sense: Many still do not understand how a School Information System can help and how they can benefit. In my view, SIS are first step in embracing a new age in educational technologies.

SIS help schools run their activities more effectively. Schools used to maintain a bunch of papers to keep track of their students’ records, such as transcript of records, grading sheets and many more. There is also a lot of data that needs update and maintenance, that is very powerful but is sadly on paper collecting dust. But with NeXSIS, the institution can perform its functions faster and more effectively, by going fully digital.

We build NeXSIS to benefit institutions and teams. It helps manage student records. It helps team communication and speed up interactions with students. It allows institutions to connect with parents and send them notifications. And it keeps a record of the institution’s history.

NeXSIS stores and uses data more effectively. School have a central and secure place to keep all their data and update it. The information is properly organized and easy to access by people with the right permissions. It can also make the teacher’s jobs less stressful. And if you need physical evidence, you can print them out easily enough. It is meant to guarantee your time and resources do not go to waste. Everyone can get what they need. Our team made sure the benefits were not limited to great design and appearance, but to give you an assurance of the experience. We continue to build and perfect NeXSIS modules: Accounting, academics, finances, registrars, staffing, and of course students and the institution whole.

An integrated web of people and technological solutions

Open source technology is in our DNA. We love Moodle and have built NeXSIS to ensure a seamless experience between the LMS and the SIS.

The latest version of Moodle, release 3.8, is generating a lot of excitement among us and the thousands of educators in the Philippines already using it. And the experience only gets better with our NeXSIS integration. Here is just the latest features we’ve been working on:

  • Grab your exam results with the click of a button
  • Automatically enroll registered students into courses
  • Synchronize information such as profile information, grades and attendance
  • Single Sign On (SSO) so you only have to log in once to access both systems

A final word

I believe my journey is only beginning. Nephila Web and our solutions too. I hope I can continue to put my love, hard work and passion into making an even better system for you. I am Jeff and you can count on me.