This module allows Teachers to submit their grades using the school’s E-Class Record (ECR). Teachers can either encode or import their final grade to the system. Once the grade has been uploaded, necessary reports as dictated by the school shall be automatically generated by the system.

The diagram shows the process flow of submission of grades using the Grade Recording System;

Screen Shot 2017 03 04 at 2.36.16 PM





 Functionalities of Grade Recording System

  1. Academic Department shall submit quarterly grades to the registrar using the Application Program Interface (API) developed by Nephila Web Technology, Inc.

  2. Store grades of student

  3. View/ retrieve student grades

  4. Generate transcript of records

  5. Modify/ update student’s grades

  6. Generate necessary reports pertaining to the grades of the students


* Proper controls shall be implemented pertaining to the encoding and modification of grades as dictated by the school

Grades and Records Management Module shall only cover the posting of quarterly grades and not the class record of the teachers.