The Registrar Department in the educational institution keeps the most vital records of students. Such records are student’s information and their grades, including its record history that keeps updating as time goes by. Keeping voluminous amount of data and information over decades, need a big capacity of storage or repository, and should be managed properly and automatically without compromising the integrity and security of data. 

The Registrar Department also collaborates with the different departments of the school such as the Academic Department, Finance and Accounting Department, Administration and others. It would be tedious for the Registrar Department to manually process the data especially if the school manage hundreds and thousands of records of students. They must generate an accurate result of grades for the students and parents during the release of report cards and transcript of records.


Using Nephila Web’s Registrar Management System, Registrars are allowed to assess and register student, search specific student and view its information, view reports such as Enrolment Statistics, Student Directory, Form 137, Form 138, Grades on Conduct, Attendance and per Subject. Using the system, they are also allowed to assign section and class number to students. All these functionalities are available for different levels of students such as in the K to 12, Technical Vocational and Tertiary level.


Nephila Web Technology, provides an automated solution for the school’s Registrar Department, and this is called the Registrar Management System, which is developed based on agility and on bespoke development. We collaborate peer to peer with the end-users as they understand their business procedures. We gather and discuss their requirements, and recommend solutions to shorten or simplify their needs for system automation for the Registrar Management System.



FunctionalitiesBasic       Premiere
Search student and filter using student number or last name
View Student Information

Register New Student

 Register New Student Information
Add and update student information

Assess student during enrollment

  • Select Program
  • Select level
  • Select Plan
Allow student enrollment from K to 12 and TVET Programs
Accept payment like tuition fee, other fees like books and others
Discount particular features (ex: First sibling, Second Sibling, etc.)

 Payment plan options are available such as annually, semi-annually, quarterly,
monthly and other options.

 Accept other payment like tutorials, diploma and others
 View Enrollment Statistics
 View Student List per level
 Create sectioning both for TVET and K to 12
 View and print per section
 View reports such as Sheet A, Sheet B, Promotion, etc

 Generate Report Card

 Customization x


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