Moodle Learning Management System is a perfect fit for the company’s training programs and testings. It can be used to manage and track all your training programs whether face to face or online. Moodle is robust, secure and highly scalable. It generates report logs, item analysis, and even custom reports that you would like to data mine from the LMS. Whether you need to train 50 or 50,000 users, Moodle is definitely flexible and easy to use and manage. 

Moodle LMS can be used on the following;

  1. Applicant’s Diagnostic Testing
  2. Compliance Training
  3. Face to face or Online Training for Employees
  4. Certification Testing
  5. Product Demonstrations
  6. HR Communications
  7. Survey Questionnaires
  8. Employee Orientation
  9. Performance Review



  1. Delivery of competency based training with performance management for employees
  2. Versatile tracking and management for both online and face to face learning
  3. Comprehensive reports, with logs, statistics of assessments and much more
  4. Strategic investment for the company in terms of cost and manpower
  5. Cost efficient for both trainers and learners
  6. Time-saving and ease of use for employees in a diverse and remote locations in the organization
  7. Quick delivery and standardization of program across the organization
  8. Immediate feedback and result for learners
  9. Optimal Knowledge Management
  10. Integration to other systems in the organization
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